PRRS Quarterly
November 2011

National Offices/Affiliated Organizations

National Pork Producers Council
National Pork Board
National Swine Improvement Federation
American Society of Animal Science
American Association of Swine Veterinarians
Michigan Department of Agriculture
Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program
USDA, National Ag Statistics Service, Michigan Field Office
National Swine Registry
National Junior Swine Association
Michigan Pork Producers Association


Chicago Mercantile Exchange-Lean Futures Contracts
Eastern Cornbelt Daily Direct Hog Report-Afternoon
IA-MN Daily Direct Hog Report – Afternoon
Western Cornbelt Daily Direct Hog Report – Afternoon
Eastern Cornbelt Daily Direct Prior Day Hog Report
IA-MN Daily Direct Prior Day Hog Report
Western Cornbelt Daily Direct Prior Day Hog Report

Pork Information

MSU’s Pork Information Gateway
Michigan State University
USDA Quarterly Hog and Pig Report
International Meat Review
Cold Storage Report
Breeds of Livestock
Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System (STAGES)
The NEW Pork Industry Handbook-2009
Swine Library

State Extension/Animal Science Departments

University of Kentucky
Purdue University
Louisiana State University
South Dakota State University
Mississippi State University
Colorado State University
Montana State University
University of Nebraska
North Carolina State University
University of Wisconsin
Ohio State University
Oklahoma State University
Oregon State University
University of Manitoba
University of Illinois
Penn State
Iowa State University
Kansas State University
Michigan State University Agricultural Technology Swine Management Program

Pork Industry Centers

Canadian Pork Council
Iowa Pork Industry Center, Iowa State University
MARK, North Carolina State University
Pork Industry Institute, Texas Tech University


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